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LIFEBOOK AH531 Notebook PC

BIOS and Generic Compatible Drivers

Driver Name VersionSizeTypeReadme
  Windows-based BIOS Update 1.30 8.37 MB Updated   -  

Windows 7 64-bit Compatible Drivers
Install drivers in the order shown below.

Driver Name VersionSizeTypeReadme
  Chipset 2.49 MB Updated   -  
  Video (Intel) 64.6 MB Updated   -  
  Audio 64.5 MB Original   -  
  Bluetooth 1.0 ( 34.3 MB Original   -  
  LAN 7.37.1229.2010 3.19 MB Updated view
  Fujitsu HotKey Driver: FUJ02B1 1.23 465 KB Original   -  
  Fujitsu System Extension
Driver: FUJ02E3
1.20 465 KB Original   -  
  BIOS Driver 204 KB Original   -  
  Intel Utilities MEI
Management Engine Interface (V7.0L03) 2.85 MB Updated   -  
  Media Slot 6.1.7600.30127 7.62 MB Updated   -  
  Pointing 12.4 MB Original   -  
  SATA 5.95 MB Updated   -  
  Camera 5.8.52020.0 5.21 MB Updated   -  
  WLAN (Intel) 50.1 MB Updated   -  
  USB Charge Utility 3.36 MB Original   -  
  Fujitsu Display Manager 7.27 MB Original   -  
  Fujitsu Hotkey Utility 2.80 MB Original view
  Fujitsu Mobility Center 8.02 MB Original   -  
  Fujitsu Support Center 1.14 MB Original   -  
  Fujitsu System Extension
3.3.0 3.38 MB Original view
  Fujitsu LifeBook Panel 4.69 MB Original   -  
  Power Saving Utility 7.82 MB Updated   -  
  Fujitsu LifeBook Panel 5.24 MB Updated   -  
  Wireless Display 122 MB Updated view

View Archive Drivers

* Original: This is the original software/driver released with the computer. It is current and recommended for use.
* Updated: This software/driver is newer than the original version. It replaces the original software and is recommended for use.
* Archive: This software/driver has been replaced with an updated version. It is no longer current. Fujitsu does not provide support for the installation or use of Archive software/driver downloads.
Pre-installed with a free 60-day trial version of McAfee® Multi-Access. The 60-day trial version is activated upon user's acceptance of software license agreement. After the 60-day trial period, the user must purchase a subscription from McAfee to download latest virus definitions.